Thank you to everyone that made the 2017 Celebrate Success! Awards Gala another great evening for the Saskatoon business community! Congratulations to all of the winners and those nominated for an award. Until next year!
2017 Celebrate Success! Media Release

"To deliver with integrity, a high-quality, enjoyable and celebratory series of business events, wherein true business excellence is recognized, promoted and celebrated, and networking potential encouraged and enhanced."

Celebrate Success! 2017 Business Awards Winners

Oslo Business for Peace Award

The Business for Peace Foundation's aim is to accelerate the development of ethical business practices through increasing awareness of the strengths of the ethical business case. The vision is to inspire and encourage business people to help foster peace and stability for the benefit of humanity. The relationship between business and peace is interdependent and self-reinforcing, but is often overlooked by both politicians and business people - ethical business practice is the important element in this relationship.

  • Mr. Murad Al-Katib

SABEX Community Involvement

Awarded to the business demonstrating exceptional performance in its support of the arts, culture, amateur sports, and education of volunteer groups. Greater consideration will be given for involvement that is not an extension of the firm's main business activities.

  • Brainsport

SABEX Customer Service

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in providing services (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional services, communications, financial). Judging considers the relative size of the business.

  • CRAVINGS maternity-baby-kids

SABEX Growth & Expansion

Awarded to the business that has made significant changes in their business resulting in "Growth" or "Expansion" of 15% or more of business markets, physical locations, number of employees, etc. and which in turn has made an impact on the company's overall ability to increase its revenues, investments and profits now or in the future.

  • Vendasta

SABEX Marketing

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in marketing. The judges will evaluate the success of a marketing program giving consideration to the nature of the product and the relative size of the business.

  • North Ridge Development Corporation

SABEX New Business Venture

For a new business venture which has been in existence for three years or less and which has shown positive performance in terms of current or expected profitability, job creation or entrance into new markets. The judges utilize financial criteria as well as considering the nature of the new venture and its impact on job creation and market expansion. Judging takes into account the relative size of the new venture.

  • Sandy Shores Resort

SABEX New Product and/or Service

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in launching a new Saskatchewan-made product or service in the last 3 years, which is original and is currently available to consumers.

  • SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SABEX Business of the Year

A business which has demonstrated excellence in the areas they consider key to their success. The winning business will have stated their critical success factors and clearly demonstrated how they have achieved meeting their goals for these factors. Size of the business is not a criterion.

  • Vendasta

SABEX Small Business of the Year

Awarded to a business with 15 or less employees. The recipient must clearly demonstrate excellence in the areas they consider key to their success, including profitability, customer service, growth and/or expansion, marketing, and employment creation. The recipient must also have been in business for a minimum of three years, with their head office located in the Saskatoon region.

  • CRAVINGS maternity-kids-baby

SABEX Hall of Fame Inductee

One individual or business will be inducted into the SABEX Hall of Fame each year. An independent committee notifies the SABEX Committee of the recipient. The recipient will be a long-standing member of the Saskatoon region business community.

  • Barry & Marion Ghiglione

Award of Innovation

University of Saskatchewan ILO is actively promoting evolution of research into marketable products. The Award of Innovation has been established by Innovation Place and University of Saskatchewan ILO to honour individuals or groups at the University of Saskatchewan who have created, developed, and promoted a new concept, procedure, process, or product.

  • Dr. John Gordon
  • Dr. Stephen Foley/Mr. Loghman Moradi/Mr. Hiwa Salimi
  • Mr. Loghman Moradi
  • Mr. Hiwa Salimi

Strategic Alliance Award

Saskatoon Community Foundation's Strategic Alliance Award acknowledges the importance of bringing together resources through partnerships involving businesses and charities. This award encourages the development of such alliances by recognizing business and charities, which have worked together over time to enhance Saskatoon's quality of life.

  • Cargill (nominated by Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre)

Community Leadership Award

Leadership Saskatoon presented award to a community member that has displayed values in alignment with Leadership Saskatoon including citizen engagement, collaboration, inclusion/diversity and life long learning. The candidate must live in Saskatoon and area and have made a significant contribution that has reflected positively on the community of Saskatoon.

  • Namarta Kochar

SABEX Safety

Awarded to an organization that has shown leadership through its commitment to improving its safety management practices or implemented a new, unique, forward-thinking and original idea to create a safer work environment.

  • TimeLine Logistic

SABEX Sustainability

Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, such as improved environmental performance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable financial practices. The business must be a for profit business and must have their head office in the Saskatoon Region. The business must be in existence for at least one (1) year.

  • Chain Reaction Urban Farm
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